Thursday, August 5, 2010

travel essentials

i've been traveling a lot lately, moving around, looking for apartments up north, and visiting my friends before we all start working/dancing. in my travels i've learned there are a few things i cannot live without!

any sort of travel is pretty detrimental to your skin so i always bring moisturizer when i travel, specifically korres yogurt moisturizer.  i love it because its all natural and not tested on animals, plus feels very luxurious and keeps my skin clear and hydrated. 

i love drinking tea; some would say im addicted.  i always keep with me Zen green tea and Calm herbal tea.  they're both delicious and they keep you hydrated no matter where you are! 
i don't know why airplanes are always so cold, but they definitely are!  but i'm okay with it because i adore wearing scarves; i'm that ridiculous girl who wears scarves in june in southern california.  i always bring scarves when traveling, not only because they keep you warm, but they're so comfortable they just remind you home.

the idiot by fyodor dostoevsky is one of my absolute favorite books.  i never travel without it because every time i re-read it, i discover something new.  regardless of what book it is, traveling is a great time to catch up on all those novels you have collecting dust on your bookshelf (if you're like me that is!).


so i know this sounds silly, but i never travel without bunheads exercise bands.  when i'm sitting all day i get so anxious and antsy that its nice to be able to stretch out my feet or do tricep extensions.  people may give you weird looks when you bust out an exercise band, but to each their own right?!


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