Friday, August 20, 2010

every body

so thanks to the glorious world of twitter, i was introduced to "my body image", the body image focused blog by Theresa Ruth Howard.  after about two minutes scanning through her posts i realized it was going to be my new must read.  her mix of cleverly crafted sentences and harsh truths about modern day society make you just want to stand up and yell "SO TRUE" (which i'm currently keeping myself from doing for the sake of becoming the crazy in starbucks).

dancers tend to get so focused on the notion that we are not good enough without the perfect body/measurements/size/shape.  i know personally that the constant drive to be as thin and toned as the girl standing next to me at the barre almost killed my love for dance.  i had to remove myself from any comparison to remember that i do this for joy, for myself, not so someone can judge me or my size.

because in reality what makes humans so interesting and so beautiful is our variation; the unique aspects of our personalities, bodies, minds, these should all be celebrated.  this seems so obvious, yet the notion of "skinny" and "fat" seems to have overwhelmed modern society to the point where its important to have a blog like Ms. Howard's to remind us.  please check it out, you won't be disappointed!

and remember, no matter what size you are, dancing from the heart is what matters!


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