Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the worst position ever.

some days fifth position feels like its going to be the death of me!  

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cedar Lake Ballet

i had the fantastic opportunity to see Cedar Lake Ballet last night i'm still completely floored by how fantastic they were.  it was by far the best performance i've seen in years.  

i need to preface this by saying it was definitely not a classical, technical ballet, as they are a contemporary company.  but if you love contemporary ballet, you must see Cedar Lake.  
the program i saw was called Orbo Novo, choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherakoui.  

the show began with the dancers reciting a passage written by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, describing a stroke and the psychological turmoil she experienced during it. while i'm not always a fan of talking in ballets (it for some reason makes me nervous!) it was interesting to get such a clear idea of what the piece was about.  they continued to dance in the most fluid manner, illustrating themes like the notion of being trapped within the mind and the dualities of the natural world.  and all of these twisted themes were emphasized by the large red lattice walls on stage, which the dancers climbed and contorted through, around, and over.  

while some of my friends felt the choreography was lack luster at times, i found it to be mesmerizing.  maybe it was just the talent of the dancers that i was so captivated with, but regardless i thought it was amazing.  the combination of the fantastic music, the strange wilder-our-town-esque costumes, the odd steps, and the use of the lattices, left me completely spellbound.  it really demonstrated what fantastic athletes dancers are.  
if you have the opportunity to see Cedar Lake, i definitely recommend you do!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Walking Around: Mother's Day Gift Guide...

just stumbled on blogger sarah jane from walking around's great mother's day gift ideas, some really good stuff!

Walking Around: Mother's Day Gift Guide...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

mother's day

this week has been so busy, no matter how fun vacations are, returning to the real world and your regular schedule are difficult!  to add to my difficulties, my pirouettes are a mess.  achieving that perfect degree of balance and force seems impossible.

i'm excited to take a short trip home this weekend to see my mom, shes really one of the most remarkable people i've ever met.  the only problem is i have no idea what to get her, nothing seems worthy.  i can't figure out if should make her something or if i should buy her something.  on one hand, making things is "from the heart" but on the other hand, im not a good cook nor am i creative.  and buying stuff can seem insensitive, yet at the same time it could be something they really need.  ah the conundrum!

so here are some ideas....

baked goods, my mom's particularly fond of scones

comfy robe from anthropologie

herb garden, my mom's obsessed with basil

moleskin recipe journal, i have one of these and they're so fun!

Monday, May 3, 2010

i have confidence in sunshine

so yesterday in class i was wondering why it is that i can dance so beautifully and technically there, yet in auditions no matter how well i prepare, i fall flat.  i think this may be the first time i've ever realized the extent of what confidence does for you.  it can take a seemingly lack luster dancer and make her sparkle.  and you can always tell the dancers who believe in themselves in comparison to the ones who don't.  so i guess thats really the key we all need to remember: to believe that we are amazing and to have confidence in ourselves!