Friday, February 25, 2011

its been a while!

wow did i ever disappear?!  just when i feel like things are finally starting to get normal, you're thrown back into chaos.

when i made the decision to move to san francisco, i did it with a very clear plan (i'm definitely one of those people that plans out every second of every year of my life, so plans are important).  but once i got here and got settled into my new company, i found myself hating dancing.  every morning i didn't want to get out of bed, i didn't want to go to class, and i certainly didn't want to go to rehearsal.  after a few months, i knew i wasn't in the right place, so i quit.  it was a very drastic decision, and for a while i really regretted it.  having so little professional experience on my resume is terrifying.  but ever since i quit, i've been enjoying dancing all over again.  my focus is now on classical ballet and my technique, in hopes that i'll be ready for auditions this month.

i also found out that i have tendentious which was a huge wrench in my master plan, but after some heavy physical therapy, it seems to be going away.

while i love dancing again, i hate waiting to see if any company will take me.  no matter how well i dance, i feel so nervous about standing out enough to be chosen.  fingers crossed!!!

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  1. good luck! i hope you get into one! i dance in SF too :)