Wednesday, September 29, 2010

finding my place in the puzzle

so i've been in san francisco for a little less than a month and i think i'm finally discovering who i am as a dancer and how i fit into this crazy little world up here, which is very exciting.  i think its so interesting how every city has a different type of dance culture and i'm having so much fun learning about them.  its also interesting to note how every teacher sees dance in a different way and sees the way you personally dance in a different way.  no two teachers i've ever had focus on the same things, i love it!

in other news...i discovered a really cute blog called Little Ballerina which introduced me to this amazing video about New York City Ballet Principal Megan Fairchild and her much loved Freed Pointe shoes.  I can't stop watching it, check it out!

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  1. that video was so interesting! thank you for sharing:)