Sunday, April 25, 2010

leotard perfection

okay, i'm the first person to admit that i am a very cheap girl.  and up until last summer, i would've never promoted spending more than 25 dollars on a leotard.  that was until i tried on my first Yumiko leotard.

established in 2002 by ballet dancer Yumiko Takeshima, the leotard line Yumiko was developed to accurately fit and enhance every dancer's body.  the styles are universally flattering; not only do they seem to magically shape and streamline your figure, they're insanely comfortable.  they slip on like a glove and don't inhibit your movement the way so many of the thick, cotton leotards of the past do.  they also come in fantastic colors and fabrics, from bright teals and purples, to deep reds, in nylon, velvet, or microfiber, all from which you can create a custom one of a kind look that is sure to turn heads in class.  

it sounds silly, but i feel like i dance 10 times better when i'm in a Yumiko, especially this one which i have in the perfect shade of olive green!  

to order your own, simply go to the online store or if you're in the nyc area, head to 451 W. 46th St.  

all images via yumiko 

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