Saturday, February 6, 2010

for the love of sfb...

to distract me from the plethora of things i have to do, coupled with my terrifying audition schedule, i've arranged a trip to the theatre to see san francisco ballet perform Serenade.  i know, i know, going to a ballet won't really get my mind off of ballet, but its something i love.  

founded in 1933, san francisco ballet the oldest ballet company in America and is one of my absolute favorite companies.  although i tend to prefer contemporary companies, there's something completely etherial about the way they move; they can take a plain ballet and make it seem like the most visually compelling performance ever.  if by any chance you're going to be in san francisco before february 20th, try and see the world premiere of Wheeldon's "Ghost", i've heard its going to be breathtaking.    

not to mention, san francisco ballet is home to the beautiful maria kochetkova.  check out her blog, she's a beautiful dancer.

Photo ©Erik Tomasson

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